We help you get control of your finances. Imagine - no more money worries to keep you up at night. In as little as one hour, we will prepare an effective financial strategy that gives you a future.


There are many aspects to consider when starting up any business or considering asset protection for your family or...

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We provide bookkeeping and payroll services to meet your business’s needs. We set you up with the software package...

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We provide quick and thorough personal income tax preparation for short form and itemized returns, both federal and state.  We...

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Ron Drake, EA

Since 1973, Ron Drake has been providing tax preparation services in the state of Nevada. On October 24, 1997, Ron incorporated the business as TaxPlanners, Inc.. In his role as President and C.E.O., his biggest satisfaction is helping his...

About Me

Our approach to finances is holistic. We prepare your taxes not merely to help you meet your financial responsibilities, but also to improve your life, offering helpful information and advice that is unique to our 40+ years of experience. Our primary goal is to help you manage your money more effectively and increase your peace of mind.


    Personal Tax information for individuals. Business Tax information for businesses. Video Help The IRS YouTube channel. Tax Tips From the IRS – 2013 tax tips. SmartMoney Tax Guide Find...

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  • “I know filing Taxes and organizing one’s financial matters can be a daunting affair.  But in all of my years of business, I have never actually enjoyed the process until working with Tax Planners Inc.  It was clear, intelligent, and even simple, as they knew exactly how to organize my strategy.”

    Rob Moote

    Las Vegas
  • “Ron and Tax Planners Inc. saved my family’s lives!  For years we struggled with how to understand the changing Tax code, after starting our own family business.  After meeting with Ron just a few times, our entire family finances was straightened out and even became profitable again!”

    Linda Cornutte

    Las Vegas